Sep 30th, 2019

As we start saying farewell to Summer, school is just around the corner. Since the kids are going to be out of the house on a regular basis, it’s time to consider ways to stop wasting your money on your electricity bill.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

It’s the perfect time to adjust your thermostat to play a more active role in taking advantage of the fact that your home is idle during the day. By not worrying about keeping your house at the right temperature every hour of the day, you’re going to see a positive change in your electricity or gas bill! You can also set up your A/C or heater on a timer, so you’ll always return home to a comfortable temperature but not have to worry about wasting all that energy during the day.

2. Laundry at Night

It’s expected that families will do more laundry now due to the fact that kids are going to sport’s practices, physical education, and other school activities. To make sure you aren’t wasting any of your money, don’t do your laundry during the day as electricity prices will vary and could even be fairly high. Save your money by only doing your laundry at night! 

3. Close Off Rooms

If your house has unoccupied rooms during the day, keep those doors closed so you don’t waste energy into cooling those rooms. You can also close your curtains and blinds to prevent excess heat from entering your house from the sun’s light.

4. Less Dishes, Less Dishwasher Use

With the kids eating lunches at school instead of home, there’s much less dishes to take care of. Plan to only use your dishwasher when it’s full because regardless of how many dishes are in there, it will use the same energy as if it was a full load. For bonus reduction, only use your dishwasher at off-peak hours! 

5. Reheating Leftovers

On long, busy days, the last thing you want to do is cook dinner for the family. Having leftovers saves you time, effort, and lets everyone enjoy what they couldn’t finish before. Reheat your leftovers in a microwave or a toaster oven as you’ll use much less energy than cooking with a conventional oven. 

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