Get the answers before the monthly bill

  • Get 15-second data delivered immediately. Crucial for real-time awareness and analytics. Not the 15-minute (at best) day-old data available from your utility.
  • Be informed of issues as they happen. Don’t wait to get your bill to find out you used more electricity than last month.
  • Identify trends that are costing you money
  • Don’t guess where your electricity (and dollars) are being used
  • View information in easy to understand dollars-and-cents
  • All PowerCost Series product are designed to be quickly owner installable
  • Setup wizard guides you step-by-step and verifies your progress as you go
  • Automated alerts will inform you of issues like low batteries and provide instructions to correct it

Stop wasting money on your home's electricity

Independent Research shows that on average, homes with access to real time energy data reduce their usage by 9%. Homes with electric heat and hot water experience even greater reductions of up to 17%.

You're just 3 easy steps away from
energy savings with PowerCost

  1. Set Up (It takes less then 20 minutes)
  2. Track your energy usage as it happens
  3. Save on your power bill

But don’t just take our word for it

Real reviews from some of our 350,000 PowerCost monitor users

  • “Pretty accurate and awesome product - predict electric bill....It is a great tool that helps gauge how much power I am utilizing and how to also determine how to reduce power consumption. I would recommend this product to those who like to know how much your future bill will cost, how much energy you are using at any time and how to conserve by shutting off devices that use power. The device can even work across the house on the opposite side of where the meter is located.“

    • Jason ( on June 3rd
  • “This is a great system to find out exactly how much energy you are using and or wasting. the estimating feature is right on if you input your cost per KW including any fuel charges and taxes.“

    • Amazon Customer on June 3rd
  • “A piece of cake to install, took all but 10 minutes. Is a great tool to help to learn the KW consumption of appliances. neat feature is outside temp reading. the outside meter transmitter has gone through a few heavy rain storms with no problem so far. The reason for a 4 star and not 5 is it doesn't pan out too well with our Net Metering meter.“

    • DM ( on June 2nd
  • “A money saver! This device has not only helped change consumption behaviour but has also saved me quite a bit of money. It is easy to install and you can immediately see how much energy you are consuming every minute.“

    • Nancy on January 13th, 2016
  • “Easy setup and it was raining most of Sunday through Wed. but it works great. I also decided to order the Bridge Hub so I can plot the electric use with my smart phone or tablet.“

    • Birdman84 ( December 13th, 2015
  • “I am very happy with this product and the support. We found that our energy bills (electricity side) were double and triple what our friends were paying for similar sized homes, with similar lifestyles. I can now see in near real time what the impact is of shutting down various electrical devices in my home with ease. I am not sure how I would be able to do this without this device.“

    • Adam November 30th, 2015
  • “Best Power Monitoring product line out there :). I love that I now can now review my electricity usage on my phone or web page. This is a step up from only having a desktop display unit that did not store history.“

    • Martin August 7th, 2015
  • “Shipped quickly, installed easily, works like a charm! The appliance feature is super handy and well as the outside temp :)“

    • Greg July 9th, 2015
  • “Giving 5 stars for the support I received from the manufacturer. The phone support was very helpful and followed up with the right answers. If you have a non-smart meter I highly recommend this product to track your energy demand.“

    • John on January 5th
  • “Really find the information useful. It did help me save money on my bill.“

    • Jack on March 15th
  • “Great product. Can help anyone see what amount of power things in the home consume, then it's up to you to act on the findings and cut your consumption of power. The monitor works like described.“

    • Donald on February 19th


What does the PowerCost solution do for me?

Better information leads to better decisions – it's that simple. The PowerCost family gives you the tools to take control of your energy costs. Families using real time energy monitors reduce their energy bill by 9% on average. Eliminate waste energy. Optimize energy settings. Shift your use to off-peak price periods. Increase awareness. Help the environment. To learn about your own trends so you can make small changes and save on your monthly utility bills click here

Will it work with my meter?

Most Likely. The PowerCost Monitor™ is compatible with, and mounts easily on, the vast majority of electricity meters in North America.  It works by ‘seeing’ the moving disk on a mechanical meter or light pulses from a digital meter and is compatible with most “Smart Meters”. For general meter compatibility information click here.  If you are still not sure or have any questions about the compatibility of your specific meter, please email us a clear, straight-on, picture of your meter.

Can I install the PowerCost Monitor™ myself?

Yes! The PowerCost Monitor™ was designed to be owner installable. It does not connect to your home's wiring and there is no need to go into your fuse or breaker panel. It simply slips over your electricity meter. Just 1 screwdriver and 30 minutes is all you need. (watch the videos)

Can I view my electricity use online or on my smartphone?

Absolutely! Simply add the PowerCost WiFi Bridge to upload your electricity data to Blue Line's EnergyCloud system where you can see your recent usage statistics. From there you can choose to send your information to one or more of Blue Line's application partners that offer great analysis tools, such as how much you are spending on heating & cooling, cooking, lighting, etc. Mobile applications are also available.