FREE, INSTALLED PowerCost Monitor from participating Ontario electricity utilities.
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    Study confirms 9% usage reduction and more with the PowerCost Monitor™
    Alberta Innovates Technology Futures concludes study – homes using the PowerCost Monitor™ reduced electricity consumption by 9% overall; and 17% for those with electric hot water heaters, 14% for those with electric heating/cooling.
    Energy Saving Features
    Save on 
your hydro bill Knowledge is key. See how the features and data from the PowerCost Monitor™ puts the knowledge in your hands and can help consumers save on their monthly electricity bills.
    Is My Meter a Match?
    image The PowerCost Monitor™ is compatible with almost all energy meters, attaching easily to the outside of the meter around the glass chamber. Find out if the PowerCost Monitor™ is compatible with your electricity meter here!
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